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We are Unilever

Established over 100 years ago, we are one of the world’s largest consumer goods companies. We are known for our great brands and our belief that doing business the right way drives superior performance.

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Global footprint and reach

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  • 190countrieswhere our products are sold
  • 4.4 million retail storesserved by distributors in top 10 emerging markets
  • 59.6 billionturnover in 2023with 58% in emerging markets

Iconic global and local brands

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  • 3.4 billionpeopleuse our products every day
  • ~75%of turnoverfrom our 30 Power Brands
  • 8.6 billionspendon Brand and Marketing Investment

Engaged and diverse talent base

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  • 128,000  peopleemployed by Unilever worldwide
  • 84%engagement scorein UniVoice employee survey
  • 55%of our managersare women

Digital and technology-enabled operations

  • 57,000suppliersin around 150 countries
  • 280+factoriesoperated by Unilever
  • 23 millioncustomer ordersserviced

Differentiated science and technology

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  • 949 millionspendon Research and Development
  • 20,000+patentsprotecting our discoveries and breakthrough innovations
  • 1.8 billionincremental turnoverfrom innovations

Deep sustainability expertise

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  • AAA-2023 ratingin CDP Forests, Water and Climate
  • 74%reductionin GHG emissions in our operations since 2015
  • 1.9 millionSMEsuse our digital platforms to help grow their businesses

Unilever in Korea

Our purpose is to lead the way.

Unilever Korea is not just a simple distributing company that sells existing products only but is a manufacturing company that also produces new products under our own Made In Korea brand. In recognition of their excellent quality, these products are being exported to all over the world. To contribute to further growth in the beauty sector, Unilever Korea acquired a global cosmetic company, Unilever AHC (ex-Carver Korea) in 2017.

Unilever Korea operates under UI (Unilever International) to have a faster speed to market and become more agile.

The purpose of UI is ‘to serve the underserved’. UI is the white space partner for Unilever across many countries across the globe including the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France, the United Arab Emirates, India, Singapore, and South Korea. In 2012, UI was set up to serve emerging – and fast-growing – geographies, consumers, customers, and channels worldwide that were created by trends like globalization, migration, travel, and digital commerce.

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